10 years of Botox

In 2004, Spanish health authorities approved the use of botulinum toxin of type A for cosmetic use. This substance paralyzes muscles, helping to eliminate (or dispel) wrinkles. Its effects are almost immediate: the results can be noticed within three days and its effectiveness is temporary, environment at 6 months. The duration depends on the thickness […]

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Male aesthetic surgery

Access to cosmetic surgeries and changes in popular taboos, have done in recent times rejuvenation or improvements in the body are not related exclusively with women.

Birth and recognition of one "metrosexual" increasing population has led to make men feel more willing to undergo plastic surgery to correct physical aspects with which he do not […]

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The lipo bladeless is a new technique which consists in dissolving fat located by means of a vibrating device of latest technology, mechanically assisted getting that in a single session extraction, occurs at the time.

This new technique allows us to even use the tissue removed as nanofat * enriched with stem cells from vascular […]

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Botox, best kept secret?

It seems that every day is less taboo to admit that we submit to plastic surgery or invasive beauty treatments. They are a reality, there are, and we can always make use of them under a strict medical procedure only to put us in the hands of professionals.

In an interview in the magazine "Harper's […]

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Super foods and tight budgets.

It is not necessary to spend a fortune on shops, delicatessen or elite gyms for good health. There is nothing wrong with the trends of high quality healthcare. It is wonderful and exciting to try new things, try unknown foods, and refresh your routine. But these are not essential luxuries. They we can distract […]

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Beauty girls plans.

If you are bored of always doing the same things with friends and like the good life, we bring you some ideas:

-Session of hairdresser

-Session of manicure and pedicure. The Nail art is more than fashion that can never, be fun and super original.

-Personalized make-up session to make the most of your expressions.

-Aromatherapy sessions.

But if […]

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Stem cells offer a more natural approach to plastic surgery

The potential of stem cells is everywhere in medicine; new tissue growth that could last to provide organs of replacement, repair of damage caused by disease or injury, and also in reconstructive surgery.

A team of Danish researchers has been suggested recently in The Lancet that enriched with fat grafting stem cells have the power […]

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20% discount on upper blepharoplasty

Various techniques solve excess fat or skin that eventually appear on the eyelids. The appearance and the expressiveness of the eyes may be affected by these excesses, showing a look of fatigue, aging and giving a sad expression to look.

The eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) removes excess skin and fat bags, returning vivacity and beauty to […]

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Michelle Obama does not rule out plastic surgery and botox.

Michelle Obama does not rule out plastic surgery and botox. "Women should have the freedom to do what we create to make us feel better about ourselves"

At the same time launching a healthy message "Never miss a routine check" "Eating lots of fruit and vegetables"

Michelle 50-year-old is about to begin his fifth year of […]

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Cosmetic high-end VS. Aesthetic surgery

Is it necessary to eat this type of products offered by the beauty industry? You spend more than 1000 euros in a beauty product not expecting magic benefits? Have they truly discovered the fountain of eternal youth? or are they only marketing strategies?


The answers to these questions are varied, but one thing is clear, […]

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