10 años de Botox

En 2004, las autoridades sanitarias españolas aprobaron el uso de la toxina botulínica del tipo A para uso cosmético. Esta sustancia paraliza los músculos parcialmente, contribuyendo a eliminar (o disipar) las arrugas de expresión. Sus efectos son casi inmediatos: en unos tres días se pueden notar los resultados y su efectividad es temporal, de entorno a los […]

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Cirugías Estéticas Masculinas

El acceso a las cirugías estéticas y los cambios en los tabúes populares, han hecho que  en los últimos tiempos el rejuvenecimiento o mejorías en el cuerpo no estén relacionadas exclusivamente con las mujeres.

El nacimiento y reconocimiento de una población cada vez mayor de “metrosexuales” ha llevado a que los hombres se sientan más dispuestos a realizarse cirugías […]

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Obesity and cancer risk

In recent decades, the percentage of adults and children with overweight and obese has increased considerably.
Obesity is associated with higher cancer risks, as also a higher risk of coronary heart disease of the heart, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and many other chronic diseases.

But before define, what is obesity?

Obesity is a State in which […]

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Tips for summer skin

Teach your skin this summer will be easy with these tips on how to beat acne, shaving and hair removal without irritation, by feigning a gorgeous Tan, and more.

To have a beautiful and soft skin it is necessary previously to take a few simple steps. A review of the head to the feet to […]

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Fight those extra pounds that brings the summer and vacations

It is normal that some extra pounds always win in these months of vacation. Disorders of routine and food pass bill. Help you that you can combat that trend in a simple way with a series of tips very, but very easy to follow.


This does not mean that you have to kill yourself in […]

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Illusions of body

This series was made to deal with the so-called rules of what we think our bodies should be similar.

Most of us realize that the media only show us the most beautiful photos of people, however, compare ourselves with those images. We never got to looking at those photos juxtaposed an image of that same […]

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9 things you didn't know of plastic surgeries

The term plastic surgery does not refer to the material but derives from the Greek "plastikos," which means to mold or give form.
The first record of the term plastic surgery is the 1818.
The first record of the breast augmentation was in 1895, they performed a transplant of skin from the back of a patient […]

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7 Tips to always look beautiful.

The International Institute of applied systems analysis researchers recently published a study that indicates that there are many more factors that must enter into the determination of the age, not just the time that has been alive. There are a lot of super simple things you can do to keep the skin healthy and […]

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Before and after Esther Honig

When the journalist Esther Honig, 24, asked 40 experts and not so expert in Photoshop, from 25 different countries, that "were pretty" according to their own canons of beauty, not expected to find different results.

The beauty is in itself, according to the cultural trends of the eye of those who look at it.
"In the […]

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The whole truth about "Detox" diets

What are they? They are Detox Diets, on the basis of fruit juices and fast… All aim to rid the body of toxins and lose weight in a short time.

Thus your body reacts after a week:
After one minute.
Hunger is answered with the sugar from the fruit. This reaction forces the pancreas to secrete insulin, […]

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