Is it possible to lose excess weight with yoga?

Without doing any kind of ABS, cardio, or spend time in the gym?


It seems impossible, but anyone can do so through the adoption of yoga, the ancient technique of meditative bodily exercise, may actually work better than other types of exercise because it burns the same amount of calories causing less stress and fewer […]

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Skin types

There are various types of skin – dry, oily, mixed – and the care we give to it will depend on each type.  You not are sure of what type of skin you have?

We have it.


Dry skin

Dry skin can be flaky and irritated easily. It is more sensitive, also tends to react to […]

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Princess Letizia, ten years later.

The Princes of Asturias today celebrated its 10th anniversary. After two daughters and leaving behind its past as a journalist, Letizia has admirers and detractors, in one or another side, this modern super Princess, with impeccable style leaves no one indifferent.

In 2008, you can be seen visibly as he operated his nose trying to […]

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15 things that successful people make the Monday mornings

The Monday morning is far more critical of the work week, as they prepare the ground for the day and the following week.

"Because of you has stepped away for a couple of days, this morning's return to work, it is the most memorable for the rest of the week", says Lynn Taylor "influence on […]

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Anti aesthetic: varicose veins.

Get good weather and with it that time of the year where you must teach the legs. Do you like your legs? There are many women who do not. The reason? Anti aesthetic veins and visible veins under the skin of the legs and thighs.

Our circulatory system ascends from the feet to the heart […]

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The source of eternal youth?

These people do not age? They have made pacts with more than? Or they have simply been well advised in their interventions and surgical procedures?

We are inclined to this last option. While there are people that age in a really healthy way and keep the skin and the same body, as when they were […]

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There is no "healthy obesity"

There is no "healthy obesity": even overweight people who do not have heart disease may have hardened the arteries and they should be warned of the risk of heart disease, according to experts.
Even those who still do not have the disease often have an increased risk of heart attacks.
There are those who say that […]

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Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal, 25 years later.

After 25 years of the filming of "When Harry met Sally" (1989) directed by Rob Reiner, winner of the Chaplin award this year at the Lincoln Center, was the perfect excuse to meet after many years to Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal.

We can not miss the fact that shed us the images, the passage […]

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The truths of cellulite

Did you know that cellulite affects women of all shapes and sizes?

Did you know that what is we are criticising at the moment to get the swimsuit?

Cellulite is an aesthetic disorder due to the accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous layers, water retention and a bad blood circulation. These disorders confer the unsightly appearance […]

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Snack healthy completo

Approaching the summer, operation bikini, we are ready! We bring you 5 healthy ideas for eating hours, snack, pecking Yes, but healthy and delicious!

1st sweet

Sandwich cold Apple and homemade peanut cream








2nd Salado

Diced celery or cucumber with Tzatziki sauce









3º crispy

Chips of Zucchini, baked and with a hint of salt.











4th fresh

Sandwich with tomato and mozzarella, seasoned […]

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