Aromatherapy to support the mind and body

Have you ever considered aromatherapy to relieve anxiety? It is used for this purpose since, relatively short time ago, while the aromatherapy itself has been present since the early 1900's.

It is considered an alternative medicine and it is basically the use of extracts of herbs and essential oils in order to achieve the desired […]

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Tourism aesthetic


Who can resist to a well-deserved holiday and cosmetic surgery you have always dreamed of?

With Dr. Tarrazo, now you can!

Aesthetic tourism, is the one in which we move to a country different from our residence, in order to make us aesthetic improvements through medical-aesthetic surgical or non-surgical procedures. In our […]

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Welcome to our new website

Tarrazo clinic we are continuously innovating to provide you the best quality services. We hope that our new website will help you to learn more about all the options that you have available to improve your look and feel better.

You can see all the options that you have cosmetic surgery, aesthetic and cosmetic oral […]

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