Access to cosmetic surgeries and changes in popular taboos, have done in recent times rejuvenation or improvements in the body are not related exclusively with women.


Birth and recognition of one "metrosexual" increasing population has led to make men feel more willing to undergo plastic surgery to correct physical aspects with which he do not feel satisfied.

The comprehensive care of the image is not a matter of few. Why you mentioned some of the most recurrent operations by men:

-Whether they are overweight men or those seeking perfection, liposuction of the abdomen and waist is one of the most popular. This method aims to reshape the body, without being related to the considerable reduction of weight. Many times patients must lose weight to be able to undergo this operation and, once, modify your eating habits so that it really is a sustainable change.

-Many men seem to insecurity because of this hair loss and alopecia. Implants capillaries represent 80% of the trend in male aesthetic operations in some parts of the world. It has been shown that since 20 years some young people begin to suffer from baldness.

Rhinoplasty is also one of the most sought after, either due to septum, breathing difficulties or just a tweak or change in the shape of the nose. This is one of the most important of the face parts, so you can define your overall harmony.

-Causes many shame the disproportionate growth of breasts, so go to a Gyno which gives way to the chest. The problem of growth of the mammary gland occurs by obesity or in those taking hormones to increase their muscles, affecting the area after a while.

-To correct "pods" in the lower eyelids or fall in the upper eyelids, many resort to cosmetic surgery eyelid surgery or non-surgical practices using botox or filler. The objective is to win a face that is felt rested and delay the evidence of time and other factors.

With implants…

Although exercise is a healthy and highly recommended alternative to sculpt the muscles of the body and gain welfare, there is another much faster way to view the results. More men who choose to place implants in the legs, buttocks, chest and arms to have the way you want without waiting for muscle development.

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