The International Institute of applied systems analysis researchers recently published a study that indicates that there are many more factors that must enter into the determination of the age, not just the time that has been alive. There are a lot of super simple things you can do to keep the skin healthy and radiant despite the number of candles on your birthday cake. Andrea Robinson, author of "tips and tricks for women 50 + beauty", shares his knowledge of privileged information of the products anti-ageing which actually work and makeup tips that guarantee to make you look younger.


7 Tips to always look beautiful:

+ Use products for the skin.

When you buy skin care products, there are three powerful ingredients that you should look to maintain the skin's youthful appearance, 1st check the label so that it contains antioxidants like vitamin C which helps to clarify skin 2nd containing retinoids, which increase cell renewal and stimulates collagen renewal and 3rd start using an Exfoliating acid to remove the layer of dead skin cells.

+ Use Sun protection.

You live in a place of humidity 90% either, dry, cold, rainy or hot; sunscreen is a must, no matter what happens. Add to your daily routine, if you have not done so already, because it not only minimizes wrinkles, also leaves your skin vulnerable to skin cancer. "Use at least one SPF 30, but don't waste your money on something greater than SPF 50 since there is little evidence that higher FPS provided more protection", says Robinson.

+ A bit of healthy glow

There is an easy way to get a little color with safety: a gradual self-Tanner. "There's nothing like a little healthy glow on the body and the face at this stage in life", says Robinson. "With a gradual accumulation, you will see grain and minimal spots" in your face, used a flush creme because "More easily mixed on patches or rough lines", says Robinson. "Apply in a circular motion with your finger and blend edges."
"What is needed as we age is a good moisturizing or moisturizing base. Avoid any product with a powder Foundation, says Robinson.

+ Forget glitter

Shades of bold eyes and products with shine and glitter will make wrinkles more noticeable. "These products do not flatter," says Robinson. "Combined with the neutral light dark tones are more indulgent and youth to the cover options irregularities." "Do not use liquid eyeliner, which emphasizes the delicate and thin skin surrounding eyes, is dede opt for a soft eyeliner pencil"

+ Choose correct eyebrow shape

Leave clamps and visit a professional to give shape to your eyebrows, says Robinson. "Drooping eyes can be modified slightly arching eyebrows and spreading out the arches" (instead of having the tail downward curve around the eyes), explains. "The arc is an important part of the front, and should be a gradual and very gentle elevation."

+ Don't forget your neck

"As one gets older, the neck loses elasticity faster anywhere else in your body, taking that much-feared aspect of crepe," says Robinson. "You must be so diligent and careful with the care of your neck and neck as you do on your face." To keep this part of your body as young as your face, follow this three-step routine: moisturize every morning and evening, exfoliate once or twice a week with a gentle exfoliant, and apply sunscreen every day.

+ Pay attention to his hands also

Remember to wear gloves to wash and moisturize frequently. "Chemicals and hot water can strip us protective lipid barrier over the skin, so it is susceptible to irritation and dryness", says Robinson. "Apply a coat of lotion to your hands whenever you put on rubber gloves, not only will protect them, they will give you an extra dose of moisture".