The term plastic surgery does not refer to the material but derives from the Greek "plastikos," which means to mold or give form.

The first record of the term plastic surgery is the 1818.

The first record of the breast augmentation was in 1895, they performed a transplant of skin from the back of a patient to a procedure by asymmetry of breasts.

The first substance used in the treatment of the breast was the paraffin, they created a sidewalk by combining with olive oil or vegetable oil.

Previously also been used other materials such as beeswax, sponges, ivory beads, Crystal beads, silk, goat's milk and rubber.

Plastic surgeons have led the fight against the windshield glass exploding and increased injuries on the faces of people in car accidents.

The first person I do successfully an organ transplant was Josep Murray a plastic surgeon.

91% of all surgical interventions of 2013 were in women with three operations more defendants are 1) 2 breast augmentation) 3 nose surgery) liposuction.

The most demanded by the men – nose surgery – eye surgery – liposuction