When the journalist Esther Honig, 24, asked 40 experts and not so expert in Photoshop, from 25 different countries, that "were pretty" according to their own canons of beauty, not expected to find different results.

The beauty is in itself, according to the cultural trends of the eye of those who look at it.

"In the U.S. Photoshop has become a symbol of the impossible standards for our society in terms of beauty. My project, before and after, examines how these standards vary from a culture around the world.

Freelancing, as Fiverr platforms, have allowed me to contact with about 40 people, from more than 25 countries such as Sri Lanka, Ukraine, the Philippines and Kenya. Some are experts in their fields, others are purely amateur.

With a cost of between five and thirty dollars, and hope that each designer pull their personal and cultural constructions of beauty to improve my unaltered image, all I ask is that ' Make me beautiful'. "Make me beautiful"

Below a selection of the resulting images shown so far. They are intriguing and insightful in its own right; each is one reflection of both personal and cultural concepts of beauty that belong to its creator.

Photoshop allows us to reach our unattainable standards of beauty, but when we compare these standards worldwide, reaching the ideal remains even more difficult to achieve."



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