It is normal that some extra pounds always win in these months of vacation. Disorders of routine and food pass bill. Help you that you can combat that trend in a simple way with a series of tips very, but very easy to follow.


Do exercise

This does not mean that you have to kill yourself in a gym (if you do it, better) but you can always jogging, swimming or even walking. The body needs to turn to burn that extra.


Eat, but good.

It is important to eat healthy and be consistent. Make a circuit of 5 meals a day. Breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, afternoon snacks and dinner. Don't ignore any that you will get very hungry at the next meal.



2 litres of water a day. More the better. Tea and natural fruit juices also. Avoid sugar.


Vegetables, fish and white meat Yes

Light and fresh food for digestion. Ideal for heat times. Idea: yogurts skimmed between hours.


Pasta and red meat not

No dairy and no low-fat cheeses.


Fruits if, and more

You don't cut, they provide vitamins and fiber and virtually calorie-free. From breakfast, between meals and dessert also.


As you can see that with very little you can do a lot. Others are saying that if you want to improve your results away from pastries, chocolates and alcohol.

So now you know.

Exercise + healthy eating + common sense