What are they? They are Detox Diets, on the basis of fruit juices and fast… All aim to rid the body of toxins and lose weight in a short time.


Thus your body reacts after a week:

After one minute.

Hunger is answered with the sugar from the fruit. This reaction forces the pancreas to secrete insulin, which is who carries the sugar in the form of glucose in your blood cells. As your cells absorb glucose, your blood sugar level starts to go down. Can you start to feel dizzy. Meanwhile, due to lack of calories, your body is private of glycogen, a source of quick energy which is stored in muscles and in the liver.

With each SIP of juice, your insulin levels soar. Your glycogen reserves makes time became extinct, leaving your pantry empty (and thus, a feeling of weakness).  Since you started to take about half of the calories you need, your body draws on two sources of energy: triglycerides, a type of fuel stored as fat and protein, taken directly from your muscles (ups!). So you start to lose muscle mass, even though you are doing exercise every day.

Your brain has gone into a starvation mode and now engulfs ketones, an energy that comes from the burning of fat. The ketone function, but are something like a poor quality gasoline; as a result, it is likely that you feel irritable and decentralized. Your brain also accused the lack of amino acids, which are essential to the neurotransmitters and maintain stable your state of mind.  If you're prone to depression, you are not in a good moment.

Your muscles proteins decompose into ammonia and uric acid, nothing recommended elements in your bloodstream. Now, your kidneys work piece to detoxify you your particular 'Detox'. Remains close to the basin: the high percentage of juice carbohydrate causes too much water entering your intestines. This extra fluid in your stomach will cause you diarrhea.

Without digesting food, your gut feels ignored. Small villi which cover (for conversion of food into food for blood) begin to atrophy. You can your diarrhea worse, brings you closer to the dehydration… and there will be attractive pinkness of your cheeks.

After a week.

You've lost muscle. Even if you regain your normal eating habits, you now have less muscle mass to burn those calories, so it is more likely to become fat. And that's when appearance Act makes the dreaded effect I-me of these strict diets. The disproportion between FAT and muscle mass alters metabolism and calories are far more difficult to burn.

Believe us that take only fruits smoothies is not harmful, experts warn that it is an unbalanced regime, which may cause flatulence and diarrhea, hypoglycemia. Some even produce acidity since crushing the gastric mucosa.

To take into account:
+ You must do it under strict medical control and in a timely manner.
+ Only tomas juices or smoothies, vegetables… It is an incomplete diet.
+ Have a cost raised the most dangerous of them is that medical control there is no».

Those who use them to get rid of some kilo quickly can succeed, but only a short time.  When you stop doing it, you regain it. And if you not leave to do so, you sick.

Behind this there is – as a non – business, lately have appeared some products of the so-called "nutricosmetics" industrial juice you can buy, if a is bad per is feeding only on natural juices, adding preservatives and dyes, spending more money and added that you lose weight because you hardly eat, are aggressive, healthy and ineffective performances.

There are no miracles, the recipe is a balanced diet, exercise, moderation with alcohol and not smoking. Although at some point we discussed recipes of juices, never should be used as the basis of a diet and less as the only food for many days. What are suitable at a time of "eat everything" if they are a healthy choice of snack between meals.

Whenever you want to start a diet is essential to know the composition of the body mass: know how much of that weight is water, fat, and muscle. We have computerized equipment that allow us to perform a full body scan of our patient in clinic Tarrazo. In this way, treatments appropriate to each person and precise parameters are established. In periodic check-ups parameters are compared with previous ones.

Our goal is to provide our patients health and well-being.