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As we age, many of us will start to see some changes around the eye area. Sometimes is the position of the forehead or bags under the eyes, usually there is something that tends to make us look more tired. There is a new way in which aesthetic eyelid surgery (also called blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery) that improves our appearance without changing the overall shape of the eye is done.

In the Decade of the 90 doctors defused the eye during surgery and returning to recreate it, which was that the patient's eyes would be very different from the past. The best is currently take less from the eye during surgery so it can keep its original appearance.

The new change of the surgery is the addition of a little fat from other parts of the body in the upper eyelid to give the patient a more complete youthful. For the lower eyelid, rid ourselves of the shadows, making our eyes look older and tired. What it is doing is to soften the area.  Through this procedure is not seen as a different person, but as the youngest person.

The majority of people begins to have problems with the eye area, in their 40's. There are plenty of options to analyze when talking with a board certified plastic surgeon. You can go for procedures non-invasive with a bit of skin rejuvenation, or can be somoterse to a surgery that will deliver it from the bulge under the eyelids and excess loose skin.

The surgical time for the operation is only one or two hours. The recovery is fairly short and, normally, not just a few days of bruising. The stitches are minimal. It is a quick recovery in three to five days and it may be in public It is possible that you may have some small bruises or spots on the lower eyelid, but usually not more than that. Eyelid surgery can remove years to your appearance through the reduction of bags, puffiness, smoothes wrinkles and gives you a more youthful and fresh appearance.




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