Awards Oscar 2014

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Once more, the Academy of Arts and Sciences in Hollywood, winners shall appoint candidates of the film industry and on the red carpet walk celebrities most outstanding of the scene.

Best leading actor nominees are:

2014-03-03 (s) screenshot 00.42.35
Matthew McConaughey for "Dallas Buyers Club"
Chiwetel Ejiofor for "12 years of slavery"
Leonardo DiCaprio for "The Wolf of Wall Street"
Christian Bale for "The great American fraud"
Bruce Dern by "Nebraska"


Nominees of best leading actors draw Matthew McConaughey that in his last role was forcing to lose weight too, during the last three months has lost nearly 20 pounds for her role as an activist and AIDS patient. According to the same actor commented, it followed a diet based on "small quantities" of a diet rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. Nutrition experts often warn of the risks posed to health hiperproteicas diets.

Another actor from this list of 5 is Christian Bale, this British actor went from an enviable body to an unhealthy thinness in the film the Machinist. You sick more than 28 pounds in four months, weighing 54 kg, but I really would have fallen to 45 kilos. Bale got an image unrecognizable to only eating an Apple and a can of tuna per day. But, more surprising, is that just a year later managed to win 18 kilos to give life to 'Batman Begins', a record.

Moderation is the most effective in weight control, whenever you're not Hollywood actor, and your paper does not take you to win an Oscar. Very often the actors are forced to undergo drastic changes to his personal life because of the demands of the script. Change your city, country and of course, image. When one is put under extreme diets is of a very low calorie intake. The body releases defense mechanisms. It begins by using muscle energy reserves in the first place and then the fatty tissue which accumulates in the subcutaneous layer. Decreases muscle mass and recover it is more difficult as we advance in age.

The nominees for best main actress are:

2014-03-03 (s) screenshot 01.18.01


Sandra Bullock for "Gravity"
Cate Blanchett for "Blue Jasmine"
Amy Adams for "The great American fraud"
Judi Dench for "Philomena"
Meryl Streep for "August"

Of the nominees for best actress, will point out to Sandra Bullock had originally a nose slightly wider and less cheeky. He told in an interview, the reason for the surgery was not aesthetic, but because of breathing problems. Anyway, we can say without hesitation that is an example of successful surgery: who could criticize that nose? Moreover, the years seem to not have gone for it. It keeps a perfect skin that does not acknowledges receipt of his years and an enviable figure, Bullock is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

And finally, in counterpoint to the previous impositions taught by Hollywood – whether weight or pure aesthetic issues – will point out two actresses with more career Judi Dench and Meryl Streep who deny having made some kind of retouching on his face and are happy and proud for this reason, also ensure that cosmetic surgery is not for them and as they are still succeeding in the world of cinema.

Whatever it is, fat or skinny, operated or without trading this 86 Edition of the Premios Oscar 2014 has not gone unnoticed by anyone!




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