The truths of cellulite

Did you know that cellulite affects women of all shapes and sizes? Did you know that what is we are criticising at the moment to

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Snack healthy completo

Approaching the summer, operation bikini, we are ready! We bring you 5 healthy ideas for eating hours, snack, pecking Yes, but healthy and delicious! 1st

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  La lipo sin bisturí es una técnica novedosa que consiste en disolver la grasa localizada mediante un dispositivo vibratorio de ultima tecnología, asistido mecánicamente, consiguiendo

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Film postpartos

ELSA Pataki has given birth to her twins and we are already accustomed to a cinema postpartum recovery. In just a few months after each

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Awards Oscar 2014

Once more, the Academy of Arts and Sciences in Hollywood, winners shall appoint candidates of the film industry and on the red carpet walk celebrities

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Planes beauty girls.

Si estás aburrida de hacer las mismas cosas siempre con tus amigas y les gusta la buena vida, te dejamos algunas ideas: -Sesiones de peluquería

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