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ELSA Pataki has given birth to her twins and we are already accustomed to a cinema postpartum recovery. In just a few months after each birth, has dazzled us with a great guy with envy.

ELSA Pataki 86th Annual Academy Awards

There are many celebrities that retrieve the type in record time. Some appeal to good food and a bit of exercise, control throughout the pregnancy and is postpartum with personal trainers, which helps them to stay in shape, practice yoga, and also give the chest. Singer Beyoncé Knowles says it recovered the line nursing her first child and continuing with sessions of yoga, exercises and dance. Also Sienna Miller attributed its spectacular recovery because his daughter took the breast every three hours and that helped him to recover quickly. Returning to Elsa, that also God her small breast feeding, talks about this time as necessary to provide protection to the girl, but not only for the baby. Breastfeeding also helps moms regain your figure, so, if it is possible, it is highly recommended. But, of course, the decision to take it every woman. January Jones on the other hand ensures have eaten your own placenta, that Yes, dehydrated and encapsulated. As we see all voucher for an early recovery of the body after childbirth!

ELSA Pataki 86th Annual Academy Awards

Meanwhile Elsa Pataky also confessed that his good metabolism and its positive mood helped her to retrieve the type after the birth of their first daughter. "It is critical to take easy the process of recovering the silhouette." ELSA continues practicing pilates and yoga, something that already existed prior to becoming pregnant. We'll see how it will be his recovery after a multiple birth.

However, not all are so… The editor-in-Chief of Hollywood Reporter of the New York Times, Janice Min section and like her, so many women claim a slow process to recover the figure after childbirth. "99%", says in his extensive article. We don't know if the percentage is adjusted to reality, what is clear is that the miracle of some 'celebrities' correspond to a simple minority. The British website Mojomums consulted more than 1,000 women and placed on 409 days the reasonable average to return to normality after the birth of a child.

Weaknesses after childbirth: gut, together with the pelvic floor, and the vagina after giving birth. The lower abdominal area, in case of caesarean section.

Sagging, drooping, lack of tone, incontinence… the aftermath of childbirth are various. The abdomen usually suffer aesthetic alterations of contour, flaccidity, stretch marks, scars, bloating or sometimes even abdomen hanging, deriving in a refreshing aesthetic problem and sometimes both, this is usually a result of pregnancy or cesarean section remaining harmony to body contouring.

When the abdomen has excess skin and fat and have loose abdominal wall, in clinic Tarrazo we carry out what is called a tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty which consists of repairing muscles, strengthening them, by removing excess skin and fat and achieving spectacular results. In some cases in addition to repair muscles and remove excess skin and fat, we need to combine this procedure with a mechanized assisted lipoplasty of contour getting harmonize forms. According to the characteristics of each patient can be a normal Tummy Tuck or a mini tummy tuck.

Vaginoplasty, is another fairly common procedure after childbirth, also known as rejuvenation of the vagina, is a procedure that can usually correct the problem of the vaginal muscles and the direct means to restarting your sex life. Toning the vaginal muscles, resulting in greater strength and control and allowing greater sensation during sexual experiences.

We look forward to seeing the twins of Elsa Pataki and Chris Hemsworth and its spectacular recovery after the birth of the actress.

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals


Consult us offer procedures that will help you to regain your figure after this moment so magical as it is to have a child. Tarrazo medical group, more than 20 years giving health and aesthetics.

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