Illusions of body

This series was made to deal with the so-called rules of what we think our bodies should be similar.

Most of us realize that the media only show us the most beautiful photos of people, however, compare ourselves with those images. We never got to looking at those photos juxtaposed an image of that same person unflattering. This contrast would help solve a lot of problems of body image that we have as a culture.

The images in the media is an illusion built on lighting, angles and photoshop. People can seem very attractive in appropriate circumstances and two seconds later transform into something completely different.

Within the series, I tried to get a wide range of body types, ethnicities and genders to show how everyone is a shape and a different size; There isn't a "normal". Each photo was taken with the same lighting and the same angle.

Celebrate their shapes, sizes, and the strange contortions of the body. The human body is a strange and beautiful thing.

Note: This series is a product of passion by the artist and volunteers. If it seems that there are certain types of bodies, genders, ethnic groups, etc. they are under-represented, is because such a person has not opted to be part of it. I have not excluded anyone intentionally.

Gracie Hagen

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