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Skin Master Plus treatment gets to take years off in a healthy way and not invasive to be one of the most advanced methods of rejuvenation. Skin Master Plusseguro treatment you'll look prettier than ever. The functions of the Skin Master Plus treatment

• Peeling: to obtain an exfoliation of the stratum corneum of the epidermis. Skin Master Plus is capable of ensuring, at a meeting, the Elimination of much of the stratum corneum (approximately 50%), as result of a cleaning deep with the Elimination of excess sebum and all toxic substances. It also destroys germs present in certain pathologies (e.g. acne).
• Moisturizer: Skin Master Plus provides a perfect hydration after the peeling, the access to the skin is released and facilitates the penetration and absorption of specific solutions, active ingredients and formulations customized for each type of skin.
• Feedback: Circular electrodes stimulate the metabolism of the treated areas and carry out an action of efficient rejuvenation and wrinkle prevention.
• Deep wrinkles: With advances in age the collagen, elastin are decreased, Skin Master Plus is able to retain large amounts of water and maintain youthful skin. Thanks to this "provocation" collagen and hyaluronic acid are not introduced from abroad, but it is produced by the body itself (metabolic load). Within a few sessions, the skin recovers its strength and elasticity, much of wrinkles and signs of aging disappear. The face seems to remodeling and regains its splendor.
You want to know what is? The treatment is done in 3 steps:

• Ultrasonic Peeling. The ultrasonic Act providing heat to the deeper layers of the skin, increasing metabolism and improving blood circulation, which activates the production of collagen which tightens tissues and helps to eliminate the orange peel.

• Virtual Mesotherapy. This is done by means of electromagnetic waves applied directly to the area that is being treated. It reaffirms and combat facial flaccidity, at the same time treating wrinkles and expression marks.

• Regeneration. Facial peeling with Skinlight, a team that combines different techniques to treat sagging, wrinkles, pigmentary changes and dehydration of the skin. Used to exfoliate the skin, take off excess sebum in the pores and facilitate removal of blackheads.

The result is a perfect, smooth, young and hydrated skin. To make more effective the treatment is recommended between 3 to 5 sessions. Spoil yourself rotten!



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