Tips for summer skin

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Teach your skin this summer will be easy with these tips on how to beat acne, shaving and hair removal without irritation, by feigning a gorgeous Tan, and more.

To have a beautiful and soft skin it is necessary previously to take a few simple steps. A review of the head to the feet to have perfect skin:

+ Regular exfoliation should be one part of a healthy skin regimen no matter the season.

Provided that your skin is not sensitive, exfoliation can help achieve a skin soft and healthy-looking that makes you look more shiny and young. But it must be done with care, the goal is to raise the outer layer of skin cells that are ready to be detached without damaging the skin.

Brushes, polishing cloths and scrubs offer easy ways of softening the rough edges. The rotation of the cleaning brushes working physically polishing the dead skin cells. Exfoliating cloths, microdermabrasion kits and Scrubs with ingredients granular also operate in the same manner. "For the body, you are looking for an exfoliant that contains particles that dissolve over time, such as sugar, so it does not irritate the skin. Products that chemically exfoliate skin contain ingredients such as acid glycolic, salicylic, or polihidroxilados that liman skin to get rid of its outer layer and reveal the new coat.


+ Remove the hair without irritation.

Give your skin a bit of time to recover before deploying beach towel or out in the open air. "You should stay out of the Sun or heat for at least 48 hours after any hair removal process," the follicles are vulnerable to irritation and skin may be sensitive because any heat or friction of lasers, hair removal with wax or shave.

Cushion the tender skin with an oil free sunscreen, wait for it to dry (approximately 5 minutes), and apply a small amount of baby TALC-free powder. To prevent ingrown hairs, it is useful to bring loose clothing and use a product after shaving containing glycolic acids and Salicylic.

Hair removal

+ Rays UV with food fight

All your skin care not worth unless you keep you from the harmful rays of the Sun, are strongest during the summer. Surprisingly, you can protect yourself from the inside, also. In addition to using sunscreen, eat tomatoes cooked every day if you know it's going to be in the Sun. According to research, the cooked tomatoes are rich in lycopene, an antioxidant that helps combat the effects of UV rays, such as redness, swelling and blisters from sunburn. If you plan to spend much time outdoors, you can benefit of consuming ketchup, tomatoes on the grill, which will not replace the sunscreen, but the habit may give you additional protection.


+ Body acne

The approach for the treatment of acne on the back, chest and other parts of the body is the same as the treatment of facial acne: "exfoliate regularly, do not fully tighten with your fingers and treat with effective ingredients.

Washing with products that contain salicylic acid helps to get rid of the dead skin cells; a treatment with micronized benzoyl peroxide product can also help to penetrate the skin and kill the bacteria that cause acne.

If your skin is sensitive, the investment into an instrument of blue light acne treatment can be worth the cost. Just wave the wand of light on the skin for five minutes a day and that helps eliminate bacteria. If you have severe body acne, consult a dermatologist.


+ Cellulite

First, the good news: some products may be able to soften a little unwanted dimples and irregularities of cellulite. The bad news: not going to get rid of cellulite forever. The softening and toning effect, like many good things in life, is fleeting. Still, might be worth an a body toning lotion so your skin looks and feels more tight for a day at the beach.

Products containing caffeine and theophylline temporarily dehydrated fat cells, however, it is the massage and the application of the cream that makes more work. The best course of action in the long term is to exercise regularly, together with massage directed by professionals

Another way to hide cellulite is to apply a fake Tan. Take advantage of the latest sunless, which have come a long way since the creams or sprays of yesteryear. There has been much progress in the formulations, the colors are more natural, there are no stripes, and the aroma is much better.

cellulite (1)

+ Try your feet

Start your program with a pedicure, or if you are short of time, attention can be paid to soften your feet while you sleep. First, remove the thicker skin with a file for feet. Apply a rich emollient cream or ointment, and then cover the feet of wrap and plastic cotton socks. Let it work overnight. Repeat daily until you obtain a smooth skin, and then weekly to keep the skin soft.

care for beautiful woman legs

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